Well, hello there!


I’m Shelby, a photographer currently residing in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania with my husband Jonathan and our sweet baby boy Ezra.  When I’m not snuggled up with them at home, I enjoy exploring our city, doing anything artsy, playing strategy games and party games, laughing and making people laugh, watching The Office on Netflix, and traveling to new places while getting to know new faces.

I LOVE MY JOB! I seriously do. I love that my work allows me to be involved in such an intimate way in people’s lives. I truly feel immense honor every time someone entrusts me with preserving their memories! I thank God for his grace and the ability to do what I do and it is my mission to bring glory to him through my business and life.

My goal in photography is to capture the real, authentic you. My style is a mix between photojournalism and fine art photography. Instead of posing (which I still do to some extent) I aim to give you beautiful, artistic portraits while capturing your real emotions by creating an environment for you and prompting you to interact with your partner or with me.  I’ll take authentic emotional looks toward each other and laughter over cheesing at the camera any day.  I want you to look at your photos afterwards and say “man, she got us.”

While this is my art, I pursue this career for the people. I have been photographing weddings since 2011 and so many of my clients have become my friends. While there is a lot of joy that comes from creating images from start to finish while seeing my visions realized, the true joy comes from hanging out with lots of cool people while I take their pictures and hearing their reactions once I deliver the images.  I am truly thankful for all of those that have made it possible to make this my full time job.

Send me a message through my contact page and I’d love to get to know you and photograph you!

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Shelby with Ezra
Shelby and Jonathan with Ezra
Shelby and Jonathan with Ezra

Photos by Autumn Kern